Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering And Medical Devices

biomaterial is a substances that is derived from natural or synthetic source or by the combination of substance. It can be liquid or solid and are difficult to augment, nurture or candidly live in general. Biomaterial Science is the study of biomaterials. Biomaterials are broadly used for the purpose of  replacing or repairing the missing tissue. The department of biomaterials is active for developing and portraying of biomaterials mostly for drug delivery, tissue engineering , orthopaedics and wound heal application. Mainly three types of biomaterials are used for medical devices i.e; ceramics , metals and polymers.

Tissue Engineering is the field that deals with the damaged or diseased tissues by replacing them with synthetic prostheses. This field evolved from the field of biomaterials development. The objective of tissue engineering is to congregate useful fabrications that can restore, sustain or refine damaged tissues to improve functionality. Tissue Engineering is rapidly growing as advanced innovative therapeutics as the clinical needs of organs and organ donors are unmet.


  • Track 1-1 Advanced hydrogels
  • Track 2-2 Biofunctional hydrogels
  • Track 3-3 Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
  • Track 4-4 In vitro culturing
  • Track 5-5 Cell harvesting

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