Media Partners

BREC Solutions Limited is one of the leading consultancies in nanotechnology innovation. We operate as a network of experts from all over the world covering all possible sectors impacted by nanotechnology. We offer services in research and development, information tracking, technology scouting, standardization, and regulation briefings. Our network covers nanotechnology sectors such as environmental sciences, food, pharmaceuticals, energy and composites. We have a unique specialization in nanotechnology standardization where we monitor all nanotechnology standards, contribute to some and draft a few selected documents at ISO, IEC and CEN standardization committees working on terminology, characterization, material specifications and applications.
AZoNetwork is a collection of online content marketing platforms which specializes in reaching scientists, engineers and industry professionals in the scientific community. With over 60 million visitors across our network, many of our platforms are considered world leaders in their field. AZoNetwork has a range of content marketing solutions that have been used extensively for our nanotechnology and material science clients and generated some fantastic results. Our expertise in content marketing for the entire science industry allows us to build campaigns that produce sales.